Happy New Year!

2013 has come and I know I have so much to be thankful for. 2012 was great. It left me with so many wonderful things (even terrible ones). That is why I attempt to blog again, this time with a new site and new perspective. As I journey 2013, let me look back to what 2012 had left me.

* January

I lost a job. No, I wasn’t fired. I resigned at the first month of the year. Gross.


I was heartbroken on the month of love. Isn’t that weird? Well, this was the month I enjoyed BORACAY!


On the last day, 31st, was my first day of being a Content Writer. Last days can be first days! (^__^)


Loving writing more and more. It got me to many different places and states in the US. Hahaha.


My one month training was finally over! Probationary period starts NOW!


My birth month was full of surprises. At work, my teammates surprised me with a short presentation and a cake. At church, after the prayer meeting, our pastor and some of the church members surprised me with a party! Whoa..


I traveled home for about 15-16 hours just to attend my high school best friend’s wedding! The travel is worth the fun! 🙂


CGMI Youth and Young Professionals escape the bustling Kadayawan Festival and went outing at Punta del Sol, Samal Island instead. The peaceful and serene ambiance was perfect for us.


What happened here? I still have to recall?


Splishin’ and splashin’ at Jones Resort  – CGMI church love feast celebration.


I was the MOH in Juvylin Sabido and James Chan’s wedding. What a privilege! It was sooooo fun! We all danced and eat chocolates right from Switzerland!

* December

Spent my Christmas in Davao but this time a lot happier.

On the last week I traveled miles and miles home to see my first ever nephew Doy2!

Oh. There are just some of the moments I can remember. I still have to recall everything. Yeah, it pays to list down the things you have received in the past year so you have something to reminisce. I realize that now.

Have a great and bountiful 2013 to all!



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