Top Beaches in Samal Island, Davao, Philippines

The Philippines is indeed a great beach holiday destination. Being an archipelago of more than 7000 islands, there is no shortage of beaches and beach resorts that suits every traveler’s budget. Ranging from backpacker adventure to luxurious escapes, you’ll surely find the best beach that suitable for you. What’s more interesting is that the weather is good the whole year round, except for typhoon months (June-November).

The Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) or popularly known as Samal Island is a fast growing holiday destination in the Philippines. The island boasts of its many beaches covered with powdery white sands and crystal clear waters. Moreover, the island is rich in biodiversity and there are wrecks sites and underwater coral garden which is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving.

With about 118 kilometers of beautiful coastline, Samal Island offers everything from exploring rocky cliffs, snorkelling in the azure blue waters, or just strolling or lazing around the beach.

Here are some of the top beach destinations in Samal Island which Iv’e been to:

1. Paradise Island Park Beach Resort –


This is one of the most preferred island getaway for families and group of friends because its long stretch of white sand (around 800 m) and shallow waters ideal for swimming and snorkelingThey also have kids playground, aviary, and more attractions for the whole family to enjoy.


What I love here the most is their sumptuous seafood! And yes, I such a sporty gal so I was grateful they have a recreation area for sports like ping-pong, which I think I’m a little better at. I also tried billiards! It was a lot of fun.

From Sasa Wharf, Davao City, the boat ride to the island takes around 10-15 minutes.

2. Kaputian Beach Park Resort – This is a public beach that boasts of its beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. Located on the southern coast of Samal Island, it is the best place if you’re looking for a very affordable escape from the bustling city of Davao.


Visitors and travelers are allowed to bring foods and drinks without any pay! They also have a volleyball area for everyone to play at. The boat ride takes 40 to 60 minute from Sta. Ana wharf in Davao City. If you wish to stay overnight, they have native bungalows and dormitory at very reasonable price.


3. Blue Jazz Beach Resort and Water Park

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For those who love the sun and adventure, this is the place for you. If you want some R&R, you can go swimming in the white sandy shore or  take a refreshing dip at their fresh water pools.  For some adventure, you can go for snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding and diving. Or, experience the thrill of the longest waterslides in the Philippines. Oh yeah! This is crazy. I didn’t try it. 😦

Their boat transfers are available at Maryknoll Beachside, Lanang, Davao City.

4. Punta del Sol Beach Resort


We went here August of last year to escape the bustling Kadayawan Festival in Davao City. Don’t get me wrong. Huge crowd will really make me sick. So instead of waiting in long lines at KFC for a meal, we opted to have a quiet holiday at the resort.

The resort was very relaxing. Nipa huts are available for a picnic by the sea. The irresistible crystal clear water and the rocky shore made our experience one of a kind. They also offer water sports activities snorkelling, diving, kayaking, etc., but since we’re on a VERY tight budget, we opted to just enjoy the frolicking on the shore.


There is no corkage of food so we brought a lot! Thanks to Froilan, our chef for the sumptuous meal. To save money, we chose to stay overnight in the nipa huts. Yeah, it was so cold then but the bonding was so worth it.

Check out their website:


Check out their website:

5. Bali Bali Beach Resort


Serenity and tranquility define Bali Bali Beach Resort. However, since we went here for our company General Assembly and Team Building, that was not we experienced! LOL! My experience here was one of the best weekends in my life. In spite of the tiring and  exhausting team building activities, the peaceful setting and the breathtaking view of the entire resort soothe every tired muscles and cells in my body.

Bali Bali or ‘beautiful’ in the native dialect of Pangasinan, is a stunning one-hectare semi-private beachfront resort situated at the coastline southwest of Samal Island.Image

They have Asian inspired villas where guests can stay and an infinity pool with a great view of Davao Gulf. The pool is one of my favorites! It’s also an excellent for a photo backdrop!  For the adventure junkies, they have aqua sports facilities as well as they offer island hopping adventure.

To get here, there are pre-arranged boat transfers from the Davao Boat Club in  Marina, Lanang Aplaya. Other ways to get here or via commercial ferry at the Sasa Wharf followed by a 20-minute drive heading southward along Samal’s Coastal Road; via speedboat cruise to the southern part of Samal Island, or via a pre-arranged private vehicle service followed by land and barge transfers to and from the Resort. Boat transfers come with a fee.

For those who want to visit and experience the place, it’s a must to book and reserve since the resort does not allow walk ins.



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