What I Missed In Boracay!

It was early summer of 2012 when I first step on the dazzling sands of Boracay Island, in the province of Aklan, Philippines. It went there with my sister and it was both our first time in the island so we  were so excited then. We had a lot of fun! To sum up our experience, it was our best summer getaway so far!

Ah, Boracay. You’re a paradise. The powdery sand, cool sea breeze, stunning beach front… Ah! I’m dying to see you again. When will that be? I wish I have a lot of money so I could bring my parents there next summer. They’ve never been there and I know they would love it there.


Well, this post is not about my financial sentiments. LOL. This is about the things I miss and will always be missed in Boracay, the country’s top tourist destination.

Let’s start with food, alrighty?


Lugaw (Rice Porridge)


Now, this wasn’t the first time I had lugaw but this one was just so delicious that I finished it in just a fw minutes. Or was I very hungry then?


HaloHalo  (Halowich)


Halohalo is one of the best snack/dessert in the country ( I think it is becoming known in some other country as well). The term halo is a Filipino word for mix. So, halohalo means mixmix. LOL. It’s a mixture of fruits, cream, ice, and a lot more. That’s its name come from.


La Paz Batchoy (Deco’s)


We did enjoy slurping the hot soup. Very delicious. But I couldn’t finish the bowl. It was too much for me. If my father were here, he would definitely want it. He is such a batchoy lover!

Now, let’s talk about the crazy adventures we had. Most of our adventures happened in White Beach, the most famous beach in the island.


Fly Fish


(with our friends working in Boracay)

This is definitely a must if you want a joyride in Boracay. What could be more exciting than riding on an inflatable fish being pulled along by a speedy speedy speed boat? In the group, I was the second to the last to fall on the water. And I was proud of myself! Yeah, I did fall but that was the speed boat’s driver’s job, right?

What a crazy experience that was!


Helmet Diving


I fancy snorkeling but this was a different kind. You actually walk on the ocean floor  (around 10 ft. below the surface) and watch the fish swimming back and forth. With a helmet made of glass plates, specially design for this adventure of course.

But I admit, I really had a hard time climbing down the ladder to the sea bed. The water’s pressure was just too much for me to bear. My ears was so painful and I think I could hardly breathe. So I went back to the boat and rested. Hahaha.

The diving staff once again taught me how to do it, then after a few minutes, with a deep breath, I was out there in the ocean floor. Oh yeah, I made it!!!


Frolicking in Puka Beach


Puka Beach is one of the many beaches in the Island. Unlike the famous powdery sand of White Beach, Puka’s sand are from puka shells which were made into bracelets and necklaces in the 70’s.

If you are soul searching and you want solitude, this is a great place for you.

Boracay… I’ll definitely come back.


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