Lessons From The Cartoons


I grew up watching cartoons. They just have this captivating magic that entices my siblings and I when we were still little kids.

I have my own favorites. Yes, not only one but a lot. I love almost each and every disney character.

Cinderella is such a sweet, hardworking girl turned into a princess. Snow White’s kindness made the dwarfs love her.

Simba’s courageous spirit is awesome. Jasmine’s beauty is quite incomparable. Belle’s kindness to the monstrous beast is one of a kind, not even existing at the present times, I guess.

Nemo’s adventurous spirit, Ariel’s unconditional love, Pocahontas’ strength and spirit, Mulan’s bravery and heroic deeds,so on and so on.

Cartoon Characters’ traits and characters are indeed amazing. We can be like them, too, right?

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