You Can Be a Super Hero, Too!

Be a Super Hero!


Why do you love superheroes?

I love superheroes. I was exposed to them when my cousin who was our neighbor has plenty of comics and films regarding superheroes.

I know Superman was the first Justice League superhero. But the first I came to know was Batman. Since then, I thought of myself as a superhero ( or a super heroine for that matter) with super powers ready to defend the helpless and ready to save the world.

When I became an adult, I realized I can be a superhero in my own way. I may not have the power, the strength and the speed that these superheroes have in comics and films, but I have the power to make this world a better place to live in – the power to help save lives especially those who have walked on
wrong track and turn away from God.

I have the…

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