Secdea Beach Resort Getaway: A Birthday Treat

A few weeks before my natal day, I thought of buying something for myself – something not really expensive, just a pair of shoes, bags, or clothes.
However, when I learned about a newly-opened beach resort in Samal Island called Secdea, I just couldn’t help myself but be wowed!

Secdea was still under construction then  but they still accept limited guests. So I immediately booked for 3 persons – my friend Chona, my big sister Lalaine, and I.  My sister and Chona are the only people who said YES to my invitation since it’s a working day and most of my friends are working. I thought I deserve a break so I filed for a birthday leave and head to the resort to celebrate my birthday.

These photos are proofs as to how wonderful our experience was at Secdea.


Taken at the Entrance while waiting for the golf cart to bring us to the resort.

1013946_622049317805232_1041631354_n 992895_622250114451819_1294362642_n 922696_622049344471896_725201166_n

Manong (driver of the golf cart) presented himself to be our tour guide since we were the first guests to arrive early. VIP’s we were! LOL.  He dropped us here in the pond area and took picture of us. How nice of him!


Our next stop was at the Tree Deck. It was so scary when you’re on top as strong winds will try to blow you down. You have to hold tight on the rails.

We passed by other attractions before we arrived at the reception building. After everything was settled, we plunged in the pool.

1014252_622056547804509_1909792825_n 1013040_622056644471166_1418347098_n 1003116_622056604471170_813363779_n 1000530_622050801138417_1285600784_n 1006166_622056901137807_1125764639_nThe infinity pool is lovely. It is the main attraction in the resort since the beach isn’t yet developed. They also have a kid’s playground and children’s pool so you can bring your kids here if you want.

934911_622051831138314_886010336_n 1012695_622051231138374_217611732_nThe view of the beach from the resort’s restaurant.

7936_622051967804967_661875340_nSee that volleyball net there? Yes, you can play volley here. They also have an open basketball court so I think this place is ideal for the whole gang.

1012120_622051671138330_1634095688_n 1011878_622053004471530_779412280_n 1009737_622051657804998_1188897288_n 1003849_622053597804804_1536550862_n
Some more captivating views from the restaurant. Everywhere you look is just photo-worthy!

After enjoying the pool, we had a stroll around the other attractions in the area including the cottages, the mangrove walk, and their mini-bar.
1010765_622058957804268_214896759_n 1012306_622058997804264_42789174_n

994153_622059311137566_1530036974_n 971447_622059361137561_2099896000_n 992948_622058837804280_2139915402_n 1001770_622058484470982_1666503047_n 1002276_622056217804542_174861195_n

999018_622060361137461_562767738_n There were dried arranged flowers along the aisle. Wondering who got wed here…


The fun and excitement we had was incomparable. Truly, it was a great day. A fun-filled birthday getaway.

Thanks Secdea for treating us as VIP’s on our visit. ^__^ Special thanks to Manong driver for the great ride.


10 thoughts on “Secdea Beach Resort Getaway: A Birthday Treat

    • Hi! Im planning to visit Secdea this November. Just for day tour. I think the van trasnfers that they’re offerring is too steep @ P1000/pax one way. Would you know another way to get to the resort? habal-habal, multicab, bus, etc. and how much?

      Thank you!

      • Hello Ban. I dunno if there are multicabs going to Secdea. But there are habal-habal you can find at Babak Wharf to take you to the resort. It only cost around 70-80 per person. If you have your own private vehicle, that would be a more comfortable ride. 🙂

  1. I w0uld like to know a budget for an overnight stay good for two inclusive of all .CHOICES of cottages good for
    6 pax. How do we go to your place from the barge.

  2. hello Melita.. I’m not from Secdea. I just happen to visit there with friends. Anyway, from Babak wharf, you can find habal2 (single motorcycles) to take you to Secdea Resort, that is if you want some adventure on the road. The resort also has a van, contact them ahead of time for reservation. If you have your own private vehicle, that would be great.

    As for the cottages and rates, please visit the link Thank you.

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