Hometown Visit

Last month, I took a trip to my small hometown, Guinicolalay to visit my grandma and other relatives. I would again enjoy the tough bumpy  ride – rocky roads, hilly terrains, and mud. Not to mention, I had to go through a hanging bridge on a motorcycle! Oh yeah, you heard that right.

The place has changed a lot. The last time I was here was in December last year for the family reunion but I hadn’t explored the place since I only had limited time. The road to my school in elementary which is also the road to grandma’s house is now repaired. Before, it was muddy and all rocks. Now, it’s all paved and you can hire motorcycles to get you home! Another new exciting thing I found out was the church. I hadn’t visited it for the last five years. The church pulpit and the church floor were all tiles now.

This is my grandma’s house. That’s my mom in yellow shirt.

The road to my grandma’s house I’m talking about!

This cute little girl below is my cousin Ella. She’s the cutest when she sings my grandma’s fave song. ❤

My beautiful Lola (grandma). She’s turning 75 this November 9th.

This is our small church. 🙂


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