Christmas Cantata 2013: Volunteering For the King of kings!

It’s no Christmas anymore. It’s January – a new year has come. So why talk about the Christmas cantata?

I don’t know, but when I took my laptop I just wanted to write about it. Well…. I just came home from the Christmas Cantata Evaluation – the lapses, accomplishments, and what must be done for the next concerts to come. Here are the excerpts from what had been discussed:

 Some essential elements were overlooked. Some important details weren’t addressed in advanced and carefully planned for. Time constraint. Not properly organized. Lacked of manpower/volunteers. Tasks were not properly delegated. No structure. No defined functions. Multi-tasking. Communication gaps. Lacked of performers. Lack of commitment. Attendance is poor.

 Yet, the Christmas Cantata was very successful and there were glowing responses from those who attended and watched it. Moving. Heart-warming. Beautiful. Those are just some of the many wonderful compliments. One testament is my tatay (who is hard to please), he loved it – he loved every minute of it.



My admiration and gratitude to all who worked behind the scenes for all your hard work and love, and to our musical director who voluntarily and generously shared his talent and for being patient with all of us. Thank you for your heart.


Thank you also to all participated and to all who earnestly prayed for it. To all, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

 And of course, thanks be to God for orchestrating everything. Without HIM from the very beginning, the cantata wouldn’t be successful. All glory and honor to you Lord Jesus. Yours alone. Hallelujah to the King of kings.


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