How was your July?

How was the last month?

July was a month of expecting, waiting, and receiving surprises. July is my Nanay’s (mother) birth month. Her natal day falls on the 5th. We were all very excited as everyone is coming home, my sister who is based in Davao City and my brother and his family who’s living in Iligan City. And as expected, they arrived a few days before her birthday, so we had more time to bond. Family bonding moments should be treasured much as we only get to see each other in person twice or thrice a year.

On her birthday, we woke up early to prepare food since we’re going to celebrate on the beach. While cooking, we heard our neighbors and church friends serenading (mananita as we locals say) birthday songs. They then gave their birthday wishes and offered prayers.It was a great start for a birthday celebration.


It was raining when we went to the beach but thankfully God allowed us to enjoy the beach a few minutes after we arrived. The rain was gone and we started frolicking.

Guess who enjoyed the beach more than we all do? My cutie nephew, PJ. He loves the sand so much he wanted to eat it. LOL!




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