When God Makes A Way

Okay..so where am I?

I know I haven’t blog for quite a few months now. I was so busy processing my passport and visa that blogging was not so much of a priority.

Processing my passport, visa, and other necessary documents to be able to work abroad didn’t come swiftly and smoothly. I waited 46 days for my passport to be released (the price of not getting a passport beforehand) and so, I almost lost a job opportunity.Almost. I actually already prepared myself for what might be my employer’s decision regarding my too delayed passport status. Had he not accepted me, I was ready. I promised myself I will be okay.

But God always has his way. His own way. No matter what obstacles or hindrances may come your way, He is there to rescue if you need him.

Just as I was about to give up on waiting for my employer’s email, I received a very good news! What a great blessing that was! I actually was 3 months late already but they still accepted me. What a wonderful gift that was from God.

Now, I’m finally here teaching Biology at a school in Jakarta. It is exciting but at the same time a little stressful for me since I couldn’t talk in Bahasa. That is why I am trying to learn the language.


Let’s see if I can be fluent in a year! Fingers crossed. 🙂

P.S. Anyone here who speaks Bahasa (Indonesian)? Maybe you could help me. 🙂


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