Museum Nasional: Exploring Indonesia’s Historic Past

I only knew so little about Indonesia and it’s history.  That is why when the Villamor Family invited me to come with them to Museum Nasional, I immediately said YES!, without giving it a second thought.

The museum is located in the heart of the Jakarta, the country’s capital. It is commonly known as the “Museum Gajah” or the  “Elephant Museum” due to the elephant sculpture in front of it. The museum boast of its  more than 140.000 excellent collections of prehistoric, archaeological, foreign ceramic, numismatic/heraldic, colonial, ethnographical and geographic items and artifacts.


There are 2 exhibition halls in the museum : The Gajah (Elephant) Building and the Arca Building. The Gajah building features the artifacts of colonial era including the statue of Hindu’s gods and Buddha.

The Gajah Building

The Gajah Building


SAM_1317 SAM_1319 SAM_1324


SAM_1337 SAM_1358 SAM_1351 SAM_1364


SAM_1382 SAM_1388

The Arca Building

This is the Arca Building which is composed of four levels with different themes of collections/exhibits.

This is the Arca Building which is composed of four levels with different themes of collections/exhibits.


The Arca building consist of 4 levels which have different themes –

  • Level 1 for the human and environment
  • Level 2 for science, economy and technology
  • Level 3 presents social organization and thinking pattern, and
  • Level 4 features the collections of gold and foreign ceramic.

Cameras are allowed in the museum except for Arca’s Level 4.

SAM_1405 SAM_1407

Lili was so fascinated with the miniature of Indonesia’s pre-historic people that she didn’t bother if she was left alone here. SAM_1412 SAM_1414 SAM_1420

Preserved ancient skeletons.

Preserved ancient skeletons.


We didn’t left the building until the guard told us that they’re closing! Hahaha. What a tiring yet wonderful museum explration that was! Definitely worth the tired legs! 🙂



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