I Spent Christmas Away From Home

There’s no Christmas like Pinas. The Philippines has the longest and merriest (for me!) Christmas celebration in the world. Aside from commemorating and celebrating Jesus’ birth, it’s also a time for family reunions/gathering, grade school/high school reunions, weddings, visiting relatives, giving presents, etc.


Okay, let’s go to the ‘sad part’ here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join my family for Christmas this year – for the first time in my life. Well, there was once when I celebrated it with only my sister around, but still my sister is a family right? Actually, it was my first Christmas outside the Philippines. What did I missed? I missed seeing the parols, the glittering lights on the trees, on the streets, and on every houses, the random caroling of the kids and the people from the church, the happy noise that comes with the season, and the feast! – FOOD! Well, I could have gone home but eventually stayed when I realized how much money a ticket going home would cost for only less than 3 weeks. Thanks to technology and social media, I somehow was with them through the virtual world.

So, how did I spent Christmas here in Jakarta?

Like most Filipino communities in the other side of the world, we all gathered in Miss Lydia’s ( a co-teacher) place each with his/her own recipe ( except me). I didn’t cook! What has gotten into me! After listening to the Christmas message, I tasted every food there was on the table! Hahaha. Then we had a short game, opening of gifts for the kids, and little chitchats!

SAM_1892Even though away from home, my Christmas wasn’t at all a sad one. It was special because of the family I have here in Jakarta – they are not only Filipinos like me but Christian/Jesus’ believers – a family I have prayed to God long before I got here.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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