Taman Safari Indonesia: Seeing Wild Animals Up Close and Personal

I have a lot of beautiful memories in my college years but it was our class field trips that I love the most. Field trips are a lot of fun and the field experience can give the students an opportunity to learn outside school. It is like a “vacation” from school. It may be daunting […]

A Peek at My Backyard Neighbors

Love thy neighbor as thyself. This Bible verse is addressed for humans but I also believe that this is applicable to every living thing you are living with. Who are thy neighbors?  Or, should I say, what are thy neighbors? I am living in the school’s dormitory for teachers so I could say I am very lucky that I […]

Kota Tua (Old Batavia): A Must-See in Jakarta, Indonesia

I only learned a few things about Indonesia before I came here and so exploring the Old City is the one of the best things to do to be acquainted with the place I’ll be spending years with. One of the must-see places in Jakarta is Kota Tua or the Old Batavia. Kota Tua is […]

A Quick Journey Back In Time at Museum Bank Indonesia

I love weekends! Who wouldn’t right? It’s a no-work day for me. Plus, it’s a ME time. A time for myself include rest and relaxation, eating out, going to malls (shopping sometimes!), and going to church on Sundays. This is my weekly life in Jakarta, not unless a getaway or vacation has been carefully planned […]