A Quick Journey Back In Time at Museum Bank Indonesia

I love weekends! Who wouldn’t right?

It’s a no-work day for me. Plus, it’s a ME time. A time for myself include rest and relaxation, eating out, going to malls (shopping sometimes!), and going to church on Sundays. This is my weekly life in Jakarta, not unless a getaway or vacation has been carefully planned beforehand or maybe at the last minute.

One Sunday I went to church with a new friend Natalia – She’s Indonesian. She is a backpacker and guess where she’s set to go this June? Philippines!!! I told her so much about the my country and the many great things it can offer. She was so excited about it. The bad news however was her trip was cancelled. Tsk. Tsk. I hope her trip would be rescheduled soonest. She was a bit sad about the cancellation but I know she will visit the Philippines any time soon. She must!

After church, Natalia wanted me to get a glimpse of Indonesian culture and so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring museums. It was already past 2 PM and the museums closed at around 3:30 to 4 PM but still we manage to jump from one museum to another!

The first museum we visited was the Museum Bank Indonesia in Kota Tua ( or Old City). The Museum Bank Indonesia is a valuable historical building since it served as the central bank in the country in 1800s.CAM00625

What I love about this museum?

Its lovely architecture

CAM00710 CAM00716 CAM00753

the gorgeous stained glass window panes that made me feel like I was in a cathedral


and a plethora of historical artifacts and documents including the old models of typewriters and computers hanged on the wall. I felt like I was traveling back in time.

CAM00588 CAM00600 CAM00604 CAM00619Natalia and I did enjoy checking out the rooms, exhibits, and artifacts. If you’re in Jakarta and you have a penchant for museums, Museum Bank Indonesia should be on your list to visit.


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