A Peek at My Backyard Neighbors

Love thy neighbor as thyself. This Bible verse is addressed for humans but I also believe that this is applicable to every living thing you are living with.

Who are thy neighbors?  Or, should I say, what are thy neighbors?

I am living in the school’s dormitory for teachers so I could say I am very lucky that I do not have to commute everyday to school. If you’re living in Jakarta, the heavy traffic is a daily struggle for students, teachers and other employees. But, more than that, I am luckier that I have tiny neighbors living in the school grounds.


20150503_093205Having nature as your neighbor is indeed a great blessing in life. Tall trees lining up in the front yard of the school, providing the relaxing green scenery your eyes will need badly in case they’re tired from too much looking on computers. When the loud, annoying voices of your students are annoying you, you can listen to the sweet songs of the birds as they fly here and there, building their nests on the trees. What a joy to see and hear them!

Plus, you can chase the beautiful butterflies as they are looking for a flower to land onto. if the school ends, you can go out of the gate to see the few fruit trees and enjoy the critters in the small grassland area.

The presence of nature is everywhere in where I live and I love it that almost everyday I take pictures of them. Here are some of my most favorite photos. (I only use my LG Pro Lite Cam)



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