Taman Safari Indonesia: Seeing Wild Animals Up Close and Personal

I have a lot of beautiful memories in my college years but it was our class field trips that I love the most. Field trips are a lot of fun and the field experience can give the students an opportunity to learn outside school. It is like a “vacation” from school. It may be daunting to coordinate and facilitate field trips but the FUN far outweighs the challenges you may be facing.

I had the chance to join the school’s 8th graders Field trip to Taman Safari Indonesia. I love nature so much and it would be my first time to be in a Safari Park so I was ecstatic when I learned about it. I’ve been to many zoos my whole life but I so wanted to see animals in their own habitat, wild and free.

It took our bus more than two hours to get to there because of the inevitable changes of schedule plus the heavy traffic but the trip was all worth it as we enter into the jungle. We were all delighted by the warm welcome of the wild animals freely roaming around. Some of them are relaxing in their respective location; others were blocking the way!


Seeing the wild animals up close and personal was so thrilling and exciting! Some of them approached the cars in front of us. I wish I were in those smaller vehicles too that I could really see them closer, or possibly touch them?.

The thought that wild animals can really be unpredictable and they can attack us anytime comforted me. Oh yeah, being in the bus was, okay fine, better!

But still I wish our driver was considerate enough to drive slowly given us time to capture these amazing creatures but I guess he had something else to do because he was so fast!!! Or he could have at least allowed us to open the windows for better photos! Pity me.

So pardon the blurry photos here and just enjoy!



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