The Earliest Christmas Present I’ve Received This 2015

Last Sunday, in church, I received the earliest Christmas gift from Ptr. Peter Kwee, of the Manna Project Ministry, who was our speaker that time. It was a Christmas tree ball with a secret message inside which is edible. He told us to open this gift on the 25th of December. Before he started preaching, […]

Reflections of a Biology Teacher: How I Ended Up Teaching (Part 1)

How did I decide to become a teacher? Honestly, I didn’t want to become a teacher back then. I could still remember my mother asked me if I wanted to become one and I said NO. We are a family of teachers – my aunts, uncles, cousins.  And the only reason I could think of […]

Of Nature and Field Trips

Field trips in the zoo or any nature park is always a big YES! for me. I enjoy nature so much – trees, plants, animals, and even teeny, tiny critters. Except for snakes!!! Bukit Sion School organised simultaneous field trips for Grade 7, 8, and 9 and this time I was assigned to accompany the […]