Of Nature and Field Trips

Field trips in the zoo or any nature park is always a big YES! for me. I enjoy nature so much – trees, plants, animals, and even teeny, tiny critters. Except for snakes!!!

Bukit Sion School organised simultaneous field trips for Grade 7, 8, and 9 and this time I was assigned to accompany the seventh graders along with several other teachers. We visited Gidongijo – Green Globe Inspiration. This place is one of the most sought-after field trip locations within the city because of its location and the fun it offers to students and teachers alike. This place features Vertical Garden (which I like a lot), Eco-tainment, and Fishing pond, and they also offer other activities like grafting, painting, etc.

According to other teachers, this has been the location for the 7th graders field trip for two years now. They kind of getting bored about it but since it was my first time in this place, I was excited exploring along with the kids.

We left school at around 7 and voila!!! we arrived an hour earlier. Thank God for the cooperation of the traffic today. Honestly, when I got there, I immediately didn’t like what I saw. There were plastic and garbage welcoming us. I said to myself, where are we? No offense meant but I think the management need to address  this garbage problem. Aside from the scattered plastic everywhere were not pleasing to the eye, this place is a nature park! I suggest they should strictly implement proper garbage disposal to keep the place clean.

Okay, enough of the complaints! Although the welcome wasn’t as good as I expected, I really enjoyed the place. Yeah, this is my mantra in life –  Always choose to be happy. So yes, let’s dwell on the good things. 🙂

What I like in this place was their greenhouse and the beautiful vertical garden (pictures below). I love how they culture these plants and hang them on the wall hence the ‘vertical garden’ using only raw and recyclable materials.

SAM_2511SAM_2522SAM_2528SAM_2531 SAM_2529

 After exploring the greenhouse, we went off to to a wonderful world of the Kingdom Animalia. Although there were only a few animals in the area, we were so excited taking pictures with them.

of the differeSAM_2547 SAM_2551 SAM_2558 SAM_2563

The kids couldn’t resist their excitement to touch the animals including the huge Burmese Python… OMG!!! I hate snakes. @___@

SAM_2569 SAM_2581

Honestly, my heartbeat was racing as I took this picture of the Burmese python! She’s so beautifully scary!


SAM_2504 SAM_2506


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