Reflections of a Biology Teacher: How I Ended Up Teaching (Part 1)

How did I decide to become a teacher?

Honestly, I didn’t want to become a teacher back then. I could still remember my mother asked me if I wanted to become one and I said NO. We are a family of teachers – my aunts, uncles, cousins.  And the only reason I could think of not wanting to become an educator is because most of my relatives are in the education field and I wanted to be different. I wanted to pursue another career. I didn’t want to be stuck in my hometown being a teacher. Yes, most of my relatives teach there.

I was ambitious back then, dreaming to be a medical doctor. Even though I knew my parents couldn’t afford to send me to medical school, there was still that little spark of hope left in my heart that someday, maybe someday, my dream would come true. When I was in my last year in college, that hope was slowly fading. I am not saying they weren’t capable or I did not have trust in God. It’s just that I was being practical.

After graduation, I didn’t bother to look for a job. However, a teaching job was offered to me – preschool teacher. Just imagine my amazement then! It was a very challenging transition. How in the world would I incorporate what I learned in my Biology major to a preschooler?

As a new teacher, I was faced with a lot of challenges especially my patience in handling kid, dealing with their parents and dealing with coworkers. That was God’s agenda for me then. He wanted me to rediscover my passion in teaching. I haven’t told you that I used to teach Sunday school and Vacation Church/Bible School when I was younger, have I? By younger I meant, since I was 13 years old. Ever since, I never stop teaching. I taught at different schools, including an online school for more than two years, teaching ESL to Korean and Japanese students.

All of those working and learning experiences were all God’s work,  molding and preparing me into a much bigger and more challenging workplace that I am in now. I am a science teacher here in Jakarta as of today.  God brought me here a year ago, 22 of September 2014.

SAM_1762 SAM_1738 SAM_1743

How about my biggest dream?

I’m still dreaming on it! Dreams do come true, they say!


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