The Earliest Christmas Present I’ve Received This 2015

Last Sunday, in church, I received the earliest Christmas gift from Ptr. Peter Kwee, of the Manna Project Ministry, who was our speaker that time. It was a Christmas tree ball with a secret message inside which is edible. He told us to open this gift on the 25th of December.


Before he started preaching, we a given “power cookie” with a printed verse in which we actually ate. Hahaha. That was the Scripture reference that Sunday.


Photo Credit: Sir E

But more than the gift he gave to each one in the congregation, I was so amazed at how God uses his creativity and his family’s life to spread the word of God. Inspired by Johannes Guttenberg’s creativity that invented a printing press and printed Latin Bible, Ptr Kwee used his skill as a mechanical engineer to invent a printing machine that prints on bread using an edible ink. It’s like literally eating the “Word of God”.  They call it the “manna bread”.  The language used in printing the bread is tailor made according to the country or region.

The manna project has been to many different countries in the world, giving out printed breads to the poor and the lost, spreading the word of God.

Upon hearing and knowing his life story, I asked myself this question…

“How has God used my life to spread the Gospel?”

Or the real question is …

Have I made myself available for God?


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