Angke Mangrove Natural Park: An Alternative Weekend Destination in the Bustling City of Jakarta

The Angke Mangrove Natural Park in Kapuk Jakarta is the last mangrove forest in Jakarta. Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk area in North Jakarta, the park is developed purposely for mangrove conservation and preservation. Natalia (my Indo friend) and I have been planning to explore the mangrove forest in Jakarta, Indonesia. Natalia who is an […]

A Tough First Day: Reflections of a Biology Teacher (Part 2)

My first day teaching Biology in Indonesia was quite a learning experience – a tough one at that. I was already almost 3 months late or should I say absent from work. I was still in the Philippines working and waiting for my working visa (I was so grateful that the school patiently waited for me till my visa […]

How I Slow Down When the Demands of Work Are Overwhelming

We live in a fast-paced world and we sometimes do not realize the stress and burdens the business of modern day life demands. We forget to find ways to slow down and relax, to chill and take a break. Most (if not all) of the time, they took a toll on your health. How do you […]