Kid Friendly Adventures at Taman Safari Indonesia

It’s that time of the year again when Study Visit Season is here. I was quite excited upon knowing that I’ll be visiting Taman Safari again with the Eight Grade Class. I was here last year at around the same month and the areas to visit and shows to watch were still on our list, but as a nature lover, I will never get tired exploring this park. There’s always a new adventure here at Taman Safari.

Taman Safari (previously called Radio Safari Garden and Taman Safari Televisi Indonesia) is located in Cisarua Bogor, West Java. Built in 1930, the safari is 900 to 1800 meters above sea level.


It was a beautiful early Friday morning when we headed out to Taman Safari. We started with the Safari tour which I didn’t enjoy much because our bus windows are tinted and so I couldn’t get any good photos! But then, it was still good since we were able to have a close encounter with a collection of tame and wild animals both locally and from around the world.


In the Red Corner..

We had the usual “group photo session’ at the drop off points before we went head to the baby zoo. The baby zoo was also a disappointment as there weren’t a lot of animals to see and some of the cages were actually under renovation, though they have other new animal attractions. We then checked the aviary and enjoy the many different species of birds from different countries, although sad that some of them are caged.


Then we moved over to enjoy the various animal shows. It was so fun watching the birds, dogs, and goats, and orangutans performed different tricks. Hats off to the trainers for their patience.


This was one of the cutest shows. 🙂

After the show, we went to check the penguins and the nocturnal reptiles which I haven’t seen last year. I don’t have so much fascination of reptiles except for turtles and geckos and I have fear of snakes but since they were caged, I was able to take photos of these scary creatures.


We also enjoyed the dolphin show, the Wild, Wild West exhibits and the Cowboys show, and the death-defying stunts at the Globe of Death.

DSC_0525                                                                         The fun Cowboy show



When it was time to watch the Sea Lion show, we could not get in easily as there were a lot of local and foreign tourist that time and the queue was so long so we just opted take a rest and have a cup of coffee or noodles at the nearby food stand.


Miss Lydia with one of the biggest birds in Indonesia

Before heading home, we were treated to a fun and interactive Birds of Prey show which allowed the different birds to fly. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day! Plus, the huge shady trees and the cool weather will make your adventure literally cooler.


Visiting Taman Safari Bogor when you’re in Jakarta is a must. You will enjoy a plethora of different flora and fauna.


I am actually planning that I would bring my family here one day when they come visit me here in Jakarta. The adventures are kid friendly so I know my nephew will love it. But, I would prefer coming here by car (unless we are with a big group) as it would give us the control of when to stop and take pictures. And, windows not tinted, please so we could enjoy the safari tour.

If next year I will still be given the opportunity to come back for another study visit, I would gladly say YES. And I hope the Panda attractions and exhibits would be open by then. Exciting, isn’t it?









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