Nature Walk at The Jhon’s Aquatic Resort in Cianjur, West Java

A walk in the park is one of my favorite pastimes when I was still in the Philippines.  I usually go to the park every weekend, or even after working hours when I really need to de-stress and soothe my mind. This is what I miss here in Jakarta. Now, don’t get me wrong. Jakarta […]

Too Much Fun at Jhon’s Cianjur Aquatic Resort

I have been helping in the Children’s Ministry in Abbalove English Service (AES) Jakarta for more than a year now and I could see God’s favour and strength upon us. Though sometimes volunteer teachers come and go (and even the kids), with God’s grace there was no shortage of those committed ones. All the volunteer teachers by […]

Experiencing the Power and Presence of God

My personal road to missions began when I was still in college. God has given me a burden for missions to neighbouring countries. Back then, I attended several training and seminars wherein we were trained and equipped in being a missionary either on foreign or local assignment. I have been joining mission trips locally in […]