Experiencing the Power and Presence of God

My personal road to missions began when I was still in college. God has given me a burden for missions to neighbouring countries. Back then, I attended several training and seminars wherein we were trained and equipped in being a missionary either on foreign or local assignment. I have been joining mission trips locally in the Philippines but never did I imagine leaving my country one day and be sent to Indonesia not just to work as a teacher but to spread the gospel and be a dispenser of God’s amazing grace cross culturally.


The Jakarta team during a stopover in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

But it didn’t end there. God is working to expand his reign and rule. Just like what he had done to Jabez, he also enlarged my territory. He did not only send me to Indonesia, but Vietnam as well.

Last March 24-28, God sent me to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam along with other AES church workers/missionaries for a short-term cross cultural mission trip. Through this mission trip, my spiritual life and faith in God was strengthened. My spiritual life experienced a breakthrough and I saw that God is an abundant, miraculous, and that He is a prayer-answering God. The journey from last year’s mission trip in Medan to this year’s mission trip was a very profound spiritual experience for me, deepening my own understanding of God.


It’s our first time in Vietnam!!!!At Tan Son Nhat International Airport (HCMC)

Below are some of my personal encounters with God before, during, and after the mission trip.

God is an abundant God.  Let’s face it. Our wallet will always be the number one problem when it comes to joining mission trips. I was at first concerned of how costly it would be to join the mission trip but when you just follow the affairs of God’s heart, he will surely take care of everything, especially financial provisions. And God didn’t only provide the team’s finances, but even the needs of the pastors and church workers who attended the seminar we conducted.


Enjoying our delicious pho.


God performs miracles. I have witnessed a number of acts of God happening every time we went out to missions.  We have shared Jesus to more than 20 students of whom some are from Buddhists families, and the response was amazing. I was so overwhelmed at how they were so friendly and open to the gospel, since we were warned beforehand not to mention Jesus Christ to them. They all prayed to accept and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.  Many people believed and turned to the Lord. Many people experienced physical, emotional, spiritual and inner healing.


God’s words are reassuring and encouraging. On our first day, we visited one of the Universities of Ho Chi Minh to invite and gather students to join us at the English Club. The English Club organized by a local Pastor at a New Life Global Church (an underground Church) has been one of the springboards of sharing the gospel to students. The pastor and several other youth from the church who are also students from the University met us outside to avoid suspicion. We were then divided into several groups and went inside inviting students.

In my mind, I thought of it as a risky evangelism. But I believed this was one of God’s purposes why he brought me here. He wanted me to be ready and be prepared in everything. As the Bible says, ‘Be ready in season and out of season’ (2 Timothy 4:2). And yes, sharing Christ is really a risky business.  But we should not retreat nor surrender when faced with these situations because he promised that ‘He will be with us even to the end of the age’ (Matthew 28:20)


God answers prayers. One of the highlights of the mission trip for me was meeting some students and alumni of Industrial University in Ho Chi Minh. In my small group, we shared life experiences, personal struggles, and even family problems. After sharing Jesus to them, I prayed for them and promised to keep in touch and uphold them in my prayers always.

Just a week after the trip, Tiffany, one of the youth I met at the English Club informed me on Facebook that she just got the job we prayed for. Praise be to God! Indeed, He answers prayers. I pray that this will open doors for many others to believe in the powerful name of Jesus and put their faith in Him!


He is our strength. Dealing with a flight delay can be one of the most frustrating experiences for travellers. Especially if your flight is on the evening and you have to go to work the next day. When we last checked the information monitor, we thought we will only be waiting for around 40 minutes. We were wrong. We waited for more than an hour. There was no information or announcement whatsoever why our flight was delayed.  We were tired and sleepy. For a moment, I was worried.

While we wait for the boarding gate to open, we prayed and trust the Lord’ knowing it’s all in his hands. Right after our prayer, the boarding gate was opened.We left Kuala Lumpur at around 11 and I arrived in my dormitory at around 2 am. I only had a few hours to rest since I had to be in school before 7 am. I was sleepy but I never felt tired. God has been my strength since day one of the mission trip.



Going to short mission trips can be costly, risky, and challenging, but it is so rewarding. I encourage you all to join us in the next mission trips to come whether locally or in a foreign land and let God use you for His glory!

To God be the glory!





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