30 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

In thirty days I will be thirty years old. My twenties, although good, have been tough but the latter part has been pretty fabulous! I can’t help but feel my thirties will be better than ever!


While many people hate hitting the big 3-0 and wish if they could turn back time, I am actually thrilled and excited about it. Relatives and friends have been pressuring me to settle down and have a family of my own, but I think it’s all about the proper timing. In time, in God’s perfect time.

With just a month left of my twenties, I have listed 30 things to do. These are just everyday small goals so I hope I can achieve all of them.

1.Take a selfie everyday.
2.Take a 30 minute walk everyday.
3.Find a new 30 minute recipe and try it out!
4. Make a list of 30 things I’m thankful for.
5.Learn 30 new Bahasa Indonesia phrases
6.Rewatch my 30 favorite movies (one movie a day)
7.Print out and display more photographs in my gallery wall
8.Watch the latest Korean Drama Series.
9.Learn to paint.
10. Do a lettering + doodle everyday
11. Try and learn calligraphy.
12. Do a 30 day photography challenge.
13. Read a full book in 30 days
14. Do a 30 day challenge exercise/workout
15. Make name cards.
16. Buy random stuff at the street/street vendor.
17. Give away clothings I don’t use anymore.
18. Give away shoes I do not use anymore.
19. Eat at a restaurant by myself.
20. Watch a movie alone.
21. Learn to play a musical instrument.
22. Learn a new language.
23. Go swimming.
24. Go on a spa day.
25. Got to the beach.
26. Get a haircut.
27. Make 30 people’s wishes come true (as long as they’re achievable).
28. Do gardening.
29. Plant a tree/flowering plant.
30. Have a 30th birthday party. 🙂


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