Nature Walk at The Jhon’s Aquatic Resort in Cianjur, West Java

A walk in the park is one of my favorite pastimes when I was still in the Philippines.  I usually go to the park every weekend, or even after working hours when I really need to de-stress and soothe my mind. This is what I miss here in Jakarta. Now, don’t get me wrong. Jakarta is wonderful but I think it lacks the green, natural spaces that people should enjoy. I see small parks around the area where I live, but I haven’t seen people maybe spending their weekends or afternoons there. As I observed, most of Indonesians here either stay at home or go to the malls. There is no problem with malls. I also love going to the malls however I terribly miss nature walks.

The other reason I love nature walks is you get a chance to appreciate the beautiful plants and flowers, the trees, the animals and every little insects  that you never get to see everyday. You might even see the beauty of newly sprouting seeds, the young plants looking up the sun or a dead tree still rooted deep in the earth that has become a habitat for fungi and other animals. Nature walks helps you learn to appreciate life more, to value life more. It does to me. I hope it’s the same with you.


I had the chance to be close to nature again during our 2 day retreat at The Jhon’s Aquatic Resort in Cianjur, Central Java. I was so delighted upon knowing that we’ll be staying in this mountain resort for two days. I took advantage of the beautiful weather in the morning and walked around or climbed up and down the hill and explore the different parts of the area.What could be more perfect than wandering around with a camera in hand to capture not just the resort’s beautiful landscape but also for its plethora of flora and fauna!

Sharing with you some of the natural beauties captured in my camera.


My eyes couldn’t resist the beautiful pink lilies









Can you see me? -basking lizard


“I believe there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconscionably yield to it, will direct us alright” -Henry David Thoreau


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