Bohol Escapade Series: Loboc River Cruise

A Bohol escapade would not be complete without the famous Loboc River Cruise. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the island of Bohol.


How did we get here?

Loboc is about 30 minutes ride from the city of Tagbilaran. Loboc River Cruise is included in our package tour so it was so convenient for us coming here. This was the third stop in our itinerary, since we were hungry and decided for an early lunch.

While on the way to Loboc, Kuya Jun, our driver gave some information about the history of the place and how the river cruise started as a livelihood for the locals.


Down the River

Cruising the Loboc River in a floating restaurant with the  ‘eat all you can’ lunch buffet of Filipino cuisine was perfect for my Nanay’s (my mother) birthday celebration. The food is okay, but I love the dessert more. They also offer bottomless iced tea.

Our seat was right in front of the boat which gave us better views of the river and the relaxing beauty of lush trees leaning over the emerald, serene water.


While waiting for the other visitors to arrive, Kuya Jun ring me and asked for my nanay’s full name. I knew right then, there would be a birthday surprise for Nanay. I called the tour company beforehand and Sir Leo who is the owner assured me it will be a special day for Nanay.


On board, we were serenaded by local singers playing guitar and singing songs of different dialects (English, Tagalog, and Visayan). We knew most of the songs played, so we gladly sing along. Then, the band called Nanay’s name and greeted her and sang a Happy birthday song, much to Nanay’s delight. Indeed it was special!




DSC_0135DSC_0133During the cruise, we stopped by a floating raft and were entertained with a musical and dance performance of the locals. It was the first time I saw a Kuradang Dance. I expected children performing as what I always see in pictures of my friends’ vacation in Bohol but since it was a weekday, I assumed children were in school.


When they called everyone to join, Nanay and my 3 year old nephew joined in playing ukulele and my sister-in-law danced (or I think the right verb is jumped!) Tinikling along with the very skilled Loboc Folk dancers. I think we were the only ones who went down the floating resto to join! Making the most out of it we go. In the end, it was a pleasure to give tips.


At the end of the route was the Busay Falls, where the water of the river comes from. It is just a mini waterfall but it was a beautiful sight. I just wished we were able to at least see the falls closer but I guess not all wishes would be granted, right? From Busay Falls we head back to the jetty and checked out the souvenir stalls nearby.


Another wish of mine not granted was seeing and hearing the famous Loboc Church Choir.  Maybe it wasn’t included in our package tour. Maybe next time. But all in all, the Loboc River Cruise was worth it.

 In case you’re wondering, we got our Package tour here. (I am not paid for this. I was just satisfied with the tour – affordable and well spent family vacation. )

You may also want to check out my post about the Blood Compact Site and Baclayon Church here.

Tip: Visit Loboc on weekdays to avoid long queues and photo bombers!








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