My 16 Unforgettable Moments in 2016

2016 is nearly over. In fact tomorrow is the last day of the year. Wow. Time indeed flies so fast. How did we get to the end of the year so quick? I had of things to do and achieve this 2016 but yeah, time has run out. However I do have great memories worth keeping.

So before the year ends, I want to share to you 16 unforgettable moments I had in 2016- these were my trips locally and abroad or just my weekend escapades.

1.Visited the Angke Mangrove Forest for the first time. It was a great escape from the bustling city of Jakarta. (March 2016)


2. Mission Trip in Ho Chi Mihn, Vietnam . It was my first trip to Vietnam. I made a lot of friends and was glad to have been a part of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the country. The tour to heritage sites like the Reunification Palace, the Post Office  and the Cathedral was also a highlight. (April 2016)


3. Sunday School Teacher’s Retreat at Cianjur, Puncak, West Java, Indonesia. Lots of laughter, communing with nature, plus adventure (April 2106)


4. Watched Ballet Philippines Performing in Jakarta. It was my first to actually watch a ballet performance on theater. It was amazing. (June 2016)


5. Celebrating my 30th with family and friends. I went home ahead of my schedule so I can celebrate the amazing 3 decades of my life with my parents and friends. Plus Karaoke/Videoke which I missed a lot! (June 2016)


6. Family Getaway at Bohol. First Family trip outside Mindanao and it was one of the best moments in my life, personally – although we missed Ate Lalaine who is working in Dubai. (July 2016)


7. Island Hopping with Family in Panglao. The snorkeling at Balicasag and the exotic seafood at Virgin Island were the highlights of this trip.(July 2016)



8. Tukuran Beach Bonding with my aunts and cousins. We rarely get to see each other so this was a moment to remember. (July 2016)


9. Singapore Unplanned Trip. My first trip to Singapore did not start well, as it wasn’t planned, but ended great. (August 2016)


10. AES Worker’s Lunch Fellowship at Seafood City. It wasn’t just a lunch fellowship but also getting to know each of the workers in the church and planning. Plus, the bonding and pictorial moments. lol


11. Bukit Sion Open Day 2016. First time I was involved and actually participated in the event. (October 2016)


12. Solo Weekend Getaway at Somerset Grand Citra, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. It was long overdue, actually. A very generous couple sponsored the accommodation. It was a birthday gift, which I claimed 4 months after my actual birthday. (October 2016)


13. Visiting UPH. MSUans Tapok tapok again with visiting friends from PH. I love this fellowship. They’re friends turned into family. (November 2016)


14. AES Christmas Celebration. Christmas is magical and the spirit of Christmas is so contagious, you can’t help but be kinder and be more generous. (December 2016)


15. Ancol Getaway with friends. Visiting SeaWorld Ancol and Le Bridge – Ancol Beach was  a perfect getaway during the holiday season. The traffic was worse, though. (December 2016)


16. Ah Poong, Sentul City Escapade. This was my last trip in 2016. What I love about this trip was meeting new people and trying a few Indonesian cuisine. (December 2016)


2016 was a great year for me. I hope and pray I’ll have more travels and great adventures! in the coming years. Happy New Year to all!


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