It’s Time for New Year’s Resolution…Again!

Hello 2017!

Oh well, it’s new year again and here I am with my resolutions, hoping to be really committed to it and not break them. Honestly, I just edited my 2016 new year’s resolution, because I knew I wasn’t really serious in sticking into some of them. I hope this time, I will be more determined to stick with them and fulfill them.

  1. Eat Healthier Foods. More fruits and vegetables, less cola and sweet beverages, less junk foods and less rice – 1 cup rice a day. (I’m such a rice eater, like I want to have rice for every meal!)
  2. Stay  Out of Bed. I love sleeping, who doesn’t want to sleep, right? However, sometimes I sleep too much or stay in bed for long hours and  it’s not anymore healthy. I also most of the times sleep in the afternoon, after school so I had a hard time sleeping at night.  I need to be more active and do exercise.
  3. Sleep early and Rise early. “Early to bed and early to to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Yes, I need to stay out of bed often but I also need to sleep early, and rise early. I have been sleeping past midnight, blaming it on my body clock. But I hope to change that. Aside from the bad health effects it may give me, it has also been giving me dark circles and big eye bags. Gross.
  4. Less Time for Social Media. I admit I am a social media addict. I spent a lot of time on social media, checking statuses of friends, posting and checking photos and videos, etc. I know it’s taking its toll on my health and I have to lessen my SM time.
  5. Take Care of My Teeth. I don’t have a good set of teeth and I hated that ever since I became more aware and conscious of it. Everytime I give a big smile in photos or laugh my heart out, I get upset because it will just show my big, bad set of teeth. Do you think I really  need those metals. I’m having second thoughts about it.
  6. Spend more time ‘skyping’ or chatting with love ones. Being away with my family is one of the hardest things but thankfully I was able to overcome it. We only had a few talks with my siblings and parents the last year, I hope this year, we would spend more time talking.
  7. Capture Memories Everywhere. I love taking photographs of people, nature, buildings, streets, and architecture and I hope I can capture as many good and amazing things this year. I just updated my point and shoot camera into a NikonD3200 and I can’t wait to making  and capturing many wonderful memories.
  8. Read the Whole Bible Again. Honestly, I have not been giving much attention to reading the Bible these days. I mean, my commitment to reading and meditating it has long been gone. I would rather read my e-bible or another book for that matter. Right now, I’m reading mostly socio political articles and news.I felt guilty or convicted about it. So, now I’m recommitting myself to reading the whole Bible again for this year. Lord, please help me with this.
  9. Pray More.  There is so much to pray for, not just for myself and my family but for everyone. There are those who are lost, who need Jesus in their lives. Others need comfort, complete healing, others are suffering because of poverty, victims of wars, refugees, and a lot more. My heart goes out to them and I commit to pray for them that they may find healing, comfort, peace, and love.
  10. Travel More. This year, I had the chance to go to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I also travelled alone to Singapore (travelling solo was my resolution last year. I was also able to treat my family to a one-week Cebu-Bohol tour. My friends and I have been planning on a trip to Korea this year. I just hope that will be realised.

Those are the top 10 in my list. I hope and pray that I will be able to get all those done this year.

How about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


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