My Sister. My Exact Opposite.

We are sisters. We are friends.

We are somewhat close in age – just two years apart. There were many times people mistook us for twins and we loved that. But we aren’t. Actually, we’re the EXACT opposite of each other –emotionally, mentally, and physically. (peace gurl!)

First, she has short, fine brown hair and she used to be slimmer but is chubby now. I have long, thick black hair. She’s choleric-sanguine and she always speaks her mind, not bothered of what anyone thinks of her. I am phlegmatic-melancholic and as much as I can, I avoid confrontation.

She’s into language while I love Science. She loves ballad and love songs, I’m more into pop. She loves romcom and heavy drama, while I love action and sci-fi films more. She loves singing, while I’m into dancing. She is outgoing and I’m more of a homebody. She’s a bookworm, I’m more into sports.

We are different in many ways, from the way we think and handle situations that most of the time we don’t understand each other and argue like crazy, to the point of pulling each other’s hair. Do you remember that? Hahaha.

Growing up, we were judged and compared with each other– who’s prettier, who’s got fairer skin, who’s smarter, who’s a better daughter, who’s going to be more successful in life, and the list goes on. And I think at one point, we became each other’s competitor, especially for our parents attention. I’d always thought my parents care about her more than they care about me.  Hahaha. (But of course, Nanay would strongly disagree and say there was no favoritism in the house). There was also a time when we were our class’ representatives for Storytelling competition. She was the champion and I got the second place. But this I must say: There was never a time when we we’re not proud of each other’s achievement.

She may have gotten the ‘golden’ voice and the fairer skin I will never have. She may have the confidence and the social skills I will never have. She may have gotten the butt and boobs I will never have. But I’m thankful for our differences because we balanced each other. I’m grateful she is my sister.

Our personalities may be opposite but these differences are what make our relationship as sisters so special. We actually complement each other. Despite the rough beginning growing up, we began to appreciate each other’s differences and although we may not agree on many things, I know I can always count on her. We have one another’s best interests at heart. No matter the distance – we live thousands of miles away from each other – I know we always got each other’s back.

I love you gurl, my sister, my exact opposite.  Happy Birthday!

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.  – Margaret Mead


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