Weekend Getaway at Sawarna Beach, Bayah, Indonesia

Thank God for long weekends!

 I was so happy I had three days off in a row. This was a much-needed break for me after the challenging ‘returning to school’ season.

Ok. I admit, returning to school after a month long holiday season is tough. Having the enthusiasm to  to get yourself back in gear and welcome your ‘still-in-the-holidays-mood students’ back to the class is quite challenging. Plus, you’ve become pretty accustomed to the holiday bliss and your ‘ME’ moments. Then suddenly, January came and it’s not the most wonderful time of the year!

But alas! Long weekend came! thanks for the CNY. It’s time for  Vitamin Sea!

A friend and I decided to visit Sawarna Beach in Bayah, Indonesia. It was very last minute! we haven’t even booked for a place to stay until we almost arrived in the place. The homestays we wanted were fully-booked and we didn’t have any choice but to choose a homestay further away from the beach. It was okay though – with AC, bathroom inside, and kitchen.

I will write about the whole Sawarna Beach trip in my next blog. As for now, please enjoy the photos.


The White Beach



Tanjung Layar







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