Perhaps, A Hug Is All I Need

I woke up to the sound of my vibrating phone and looked at it with my blurry vision. What flashed was a bible reading plan notification – it was about forgiveness. Then suddenly I remembered my conversation with my mother just very recently over the phone. She told me she and somebody who had hurt her so badly saw each other, shrugged off what happened before and they just hugged.

Over the phone, I asked her to narrate to me what happened during their meet up and she gladly did. She was so relieved and overwhelmed of what happened that day and I couldn’t help but be happy for the both of them, especially for the other side, since I knew very well my mother hadn’t had any grudges toward her.

My mother doesn’t hold grudges. She never did. She is so full of generosity and love even to those who have been abusing her kindness and to those who had accused her of terrible things she didn’t even do. She’s been to worst, but she never hates. As per my brother, she is the strongest person in the world.


I hate to reminisce unfortunate moments, but as she narrated to me what happened, everything flashed back. I was there. I was there when it all happened. Well, their sort of ‘fight’ didn’t happen in person. It was rather a ‘text message ‘war. It wasn’t a petty thing for her since it involved the family.

I read all the messages. In fact, I was exactly beside my mother reading the hateful and hurtful text messages. I was there and even replied to those messages. Yes, I was very much involved in it. I had to take over my mother’s phone just because my mother was upset and she didn’t know what to say, or should I say how to fight back.


My mother is like that. She shuts up when she believes it’s better to stay silent.  But not me. I could still remember I was so furious that I responded to this person to ‘get out of our lives’.

And then years later, God provided a way for them to meet… in person.  It might not be the most fortunate place and time to reconcile yet I believe it was the perfect time. God’s time. All’s well that ends well – at least for the both of them.

I have never met this person, but I hope soon. I didn’t hate her.  I used to but I forgave her already. I believed I already did. But just like them, perhaps, a hug would seal it all.

Peace to all!



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