Angke Mangrove Natural Park: An Alternative Weekend Destination in the Bustling City of Jakarta

Green Destiny

The Angke Mangrove Natural Park in Kapuk Jakarta is the last mangrove forest in Jakarta. Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk area in North Jakarta, the park is developed purposely for mangrove conservation and preservation.


Natalia (my Indo friend) and I have been planning to explore the mangrove forest in Jakarta, Indonesia. Natalia who is an Indonesian hasn’t been here so it’s actually our first time to visit the place. Since she is living in Tangerang and I in Kebon Jeruk, we decided to just meet at the park’s entrance.

The night before our visit, I browsed about the park’s reviews and pictures. There were not a lot of pictures really the reviews said it wasn’t worth the fee especially for the tourists/foreigners. The entrance fee was a huge 250,000 IDR for tourists!!! Wow! That is more than ten times the fee for the locals which only cost 20,000 IDR. Natalia…

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