The Silent Treatment: A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Tuesday is one of my most favorite days of the week this school year. Aside from the fact that I don’t have classes for the first and the last two periods, I will only be teaching the tenth graders. Oh, and today, we are just going to have the chapter test and after that, we’ll […]

I Decided to Stick Around and Stay in Jakarta

Four years down, more to go! Four years ago today, God sent me to this city – Jakarta. My first out of the country trip. Took a risk. Travelled alone. Stepped into into the unknown. What I was sure of then was the promise that wherever God sends me and leads me, he will feed […]

Short Bali Trip – A Weekend Escape

This is a long overdue post as we went to Bali six months from now but at last, I got time to write again and share my 2-day Bali adventure with you. In my line of work, you rarely (or never) get an opportunity to file for a vacation leave and go anywhere you want. […]