Short Bali Trip – A Weekend Escape

This is a long overdue post as we went to Bali six months from now but at last, I got time to write again and share my 2-day Bali adventure with you. In my line of work, you rarely (or never) get an opportunity to file for a vacation leave and go anywhere you want. […]

My First Apple Picking Experience

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I was born and raised in the Philippines, a tropical country boasting of a variety of fruits. On top of that, I am more privileged to grow up on a rural family farm planting different crops and fruit trees – ranging from jackfruit to mangoes, to guava, […]

Why Am I Still Single?

Why are you still single? When are you getting married? What are you waiting for?  Oh, these five fateful words I so despised. I’ve been asked these questions a thousand times already – My parents, siblings, relatives, friends, coworkers, and my seventh-grade students, and even from a random grab driver. Just this week, I received […]

Begin Again

Life happens. Suddenly, you just stop writing. Has this ever happened to you? I took on a very long break from writing. It’s been eight months since I last sat in front of my computer to write. Eight months?! Yeah, it was a very long break. Shame on me! But, I’m sorry, not sorry. No […]

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) : Explore Indonesia In Just A Day

When friends asked me what would I recommend to see if they visit Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is undeniably on my top list. Why? TMII is like ‘Indonesia in a small scale’, with each and every famous tourist attractions in Jakarta and all over the country represented; the beaches exempted.So when you visit the […]

Perhaps, A Hug Is All I Need

I woke up to the sound of my vibrating phone and looked at it with my blurry vision. What flashed was a bible reading plan notification – it was about forgiveness. Then suddenly I remembered my conversation with my mother just very recently over the phone. She told me she and somebody who had hurt […]

My Sister. My Exact Opposite.

We are sisters. We are friends. We are somewhat close in age – just two years apart. There were many times people mistook us for twins and we loved that. But we aren’t. Actually, we’re the EXACT opposite of each other –emotionally, mentally, and physically. (peace gurl!) First, she has short, fine brown hair and […]