Bringing Out the Kid in Me

Sometimes we forget what it’s like being a kid.  I need to spend sometime to go out and have fun, reminding myself what being kid is all about. As a middle school teacher, this is what I need so I can at least relate to the kids.

I had the opportunity to visit Ancol Dreamland (Dunia Fantasy) last Sunday, after church service. I was invited by a co-teacher and her family to join them for a lunch and a visit to the park.

DuFan (short for Dunia Fantasy) is located in a recreational and entertainment complex in Ancol, North Jakarta. It is one of the busiest parks on the weekends.



We weren’t dressed for the death -defying rides so we opt to go for the safer rides instead. Some of the rides we enjoyed is the Giant Wheel or locally called Bianglala. It’s a big Ferris wheel that will take you up, up, and away to see the beautiful view of the sea and the whole recreational park.




We also tried the Ice Age Arctic Adventure and man,we we’re NOT prepared for the bumpy and splashy ride! We all got out wet.



After the Ice Age adventure, we decided to walk around and see the sights before taking on another ride.



The last ride we tried is the Rajawali where you will be swung and brought to the air turning round and round at about 25 meters from the surface.


We missed a lot of rides and entertainment since we only had the whole afternoon to spend. Looking forward to a more thrilling adventure the next visit.





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